Industrial Sands

For high-quality sand for industrial applications in the southeast, rely on Sterling Sand, LLC.

Our sand products are produced from high-purity industrial quartz for a wide variety of applications. These applications include filler for extender in asphalt and sealants, quality paints and coatings, specialty cements, precast concrete, masonry, traction, flooring, play sand, and sports turf.

All grades are processed and sized under rigid SPC statistical and quality assurance programs.  The result is chemical purity and consistently uniform particle size distributions for predictable performance. 

We sell the following grades of quartz sand in bulk, 50#, 100#, 2000# & 3000# bags.

Samples Shown in order as listed

Abrasive Alternatives:

Sterling Sand, LLC. is a distributor for TRU Abrasives, an industry leader, for clean, crushed glass abrasive.

Our crushed glass abrasive is superior to other abrasives in a variety of applications for performance, health, and environmental benefits.

  • 100% recycled glass
  • Non-reactive, inert
  • Less than 1% free silica (silica sand contains up to 99% free silica)
  • Beryllium is not listed on our SDS
  • White post-blast finish
  • Translucent white dust for increased visibility
  • QPL approved (select plants)
  • CARB approved (select plants)
  • SSPC AB-1 Class A, MIL-A-22262B(SH) approved

  At Sterling Sand, LLC. we sell the following grades of TRU Abrasives in bulk, 50#, & 3000# bags.

  • #10/40 Coarse Grade
  • #40/70 Medium Grade
  • #70/100 Fine Grade

                       Samples Shown in order as listed

Black Diamond Coal Slag:

Sterling Sand is a distributor for US Minerals, Coal Slag


Black Diamond coal slag offers enhanced speed and cutting for superior cleaning ability. A larger number of gradations, means you can be more confident in achieving your target profile. We have the product to blast through the toughest epoxies and layers of old paint, as well as the finesse to remove light rust and mill scale. At Sterling Sand, LLC. we sell the following grades of Black Diamond Coal Slag:

  • 12/40 Medium/Coarse Grade 100#
  • 20/40 Fine Grade 100#

                    Samples Shown in order as listed